Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Look Back @ 2007

I thought I would start off the New Year with a look back at 2007. We've had our ups and downs this but we consider ourselves to be so blessed.
Jason turned a quarter of a century old last year! He's getting up there.

My nephew Talan Michael Fuller was born March 21st to Scott, Nicole, and his big sister Madison. Scott couldn't have been happier to finally have his little boy even though Madi has him wrapped around her little finger.
Madi & Talan haven't quite learned how to get along since they are both so outgoing. You won't see Madi getting her way very often though because if she takes a toy or scoots him aside he is the first person to tell her how he feels about it.

Every May we meet Jason's family at Camelback Resort in Scottsdale. There we spend a 5 days soaking up the hot sun and perfecting our tans. We look forward to it every year.

So I know this can't be the most picturesque view of Hotel Del Coronado in California but we have so much fun there every year that we try to find new places to take pics and this last year Jason made it classic by jumping into this tree. For him it isn't that much of a jump but for me I would have never made it.

Jason's two sisters Brooke & Leslie keep us entertained and are always teaching Jason something new. This trip they tried to teach him how to skim-board!! It was hilarious. Since Jason is such a big guy it is a really long drop when he goes flying into the air after loosing his balance. I sat a safe distance away on my beach chair and just laughed. Here the girls are sporting the "locals" way of life.

When I married into Jason's family is when I first noticed that not every vacations like my family does. For some reason my family has always planned our trips around the events we want to do....Jason's family...well they plan theirs around the food they want to eat. :) It's pretty hilarious when you think about it. For such a petite family you wouldn't think that was their priority. lol

At Hotel Del this year we rented these duo-bikes. It was a ton of fun especially since Jason inherited his first brother (Brad) on his side of the family and all they wanted to do was cut eachother off and race up and down the boardwalk. Chels and I just tried to hold on for dear life.

Ok I know really cheezy but what can I say by then we probably did need a shower. After Hotel Del we decided to take some time for "Us" and stopped off at Six Flags and Sea World. We had a blast but it was so blazzing hot that by the time we took this picture we were fried!

The Family camping trip...well the Fuller's camping trip which means we occupied Brandon in-laws cabin and then went and tortured the fish down at the lake. Here Scott is still too occupied trying to bait one in to even stand up for the picture.

Last but not least our Christmas/ New Years Pics. We had so much fun in 2007 and can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for us!!