Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Love EaSteR...

Jason and I got to play the Easter Bunny for Leslie & Brooke this year!! It was so much fun trying to hide that many eggs in places that we thought were worth our efforts. We tried to make it as difficult as possible especially since there was money and goodies inside...we made sure they had to work for it. :) I love these girls!! They are just gorgeous!!

Yep you found it in the thorny rose I said this wasn't your traditional random placing of the eggs..we really thought this through. lol

I wish that is all I had to do to put that darn egg up there!! :) Note to self: Brooke is a bean pole and can reach places I never thought possible without climbing on something.

My Sporty Hubby....

Jason has been a busy boy. We both have been working extra hours but of course he has found time to play on a volleyball team since it is one of his favorite things to do...
His team was made up of some great people and won the whole tournament!!
He looks too cute!!
Focus honey FOCUS!!

I can't believe Jenna is already a Junior!! It's so crazy to watch her hate high school as much as I did. LOL I guess that is why I had so much sympathy for her when I wasn't working and I would take her out even if just for lunch to get away. :) Ok that or I was just bored..
She is one talented Lacrosse player!
Jenna had her last game and being the good big brother and big sister Brandon and I attended to cheer her on and boooo at the refs. Although I got yelled at by the ref for screaming "Let them play!!!" I wouldn't have missed it.