Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's all part of the job......

Processing residential loans........It occupies the majority of my everyday life and I've been doing it for so long I can't remember what it was like before I started! :) Sometimes....when I can drowned out the sound of my ever ringing telephone or can ignore the constant pop up of another email coming through (on average I answer 150/day) I like to day dream about how nice it was to have a SPRING BREAK when I was young!!

At times I think I can't take another day of this "cube" (I'd like to call it an office but with only 3 walls and all of which are less than 5 feet tall that just isn't realistic)
Then I remember all the memories I've made. Oh yes there are "borrower's" as we call them in the biz that make our jobs worth it....that write you the adorable thank you notes and actually express gratitude for the over time hours you put in to make sure they got into their home on time. There are those that are polite and understanding when I have to ask where all the sudden they got $30k to put down on this new home when their average account balance has been $800 bucks! Then again there are those "other borrowers"...
You know who you are....You are the type of people that answer your phone only to tell me to hold while you scream at your children to be quiet or to pick up their toys. The "borrowers" that answer the phone and tell me "well you've caught me at a bad time...you see I'm in the tub right now so can I call you back?" Honestly please don't!! If you are the type of person that picks up the phone while in the tub and decides its a good idea to tell me about it... I'd prefer if we correspond via email if you don't mind. You know who you are creepy man that I dared to call again to try and give you a list of missing items only to be told you were on the toilet!! Honestly I started to wonder at that point if you live in your bathroom!?! I get that not everyone knows proper phone etiquette but then there are those that are either completely misguided or even flat out rude.
Come on now...I get that you have an ok credit score (mid 600s) and let's face it in this economy that is an accomplishment but come on...you honestly think you should not have to provide your assets or pay stubs?!?! Really??? No... you're right... we love to give money to people without verifying if they have the means to ever pay it back....please let me be the one to write that $300,000 check for you now sir.
It's isn't always the "borrowers" fault. I don't want to place all the blame on a single group of people. There is of course the managers/owners I work under. I like to refer to them as the Needy/Greedy :) Over the past 6 years I have gathered quite an astonishing list...Two in jail, one on the run, and the other I affectionately nicknamed the Ice Queen.
Despite all of that here I am everyday...but now at least I have a "cube" with a VIEW!!
~It's the little things in life that make it worth it~

Monday, January 3, 2011

Finishing up 2010....

Jason gave me the trip of my dreams in Sept....we headed off to New York for a few days. I was just blown away with how beautiful the architecture was!!! I think more than 75% of the memory on our camera had to be of these amazing parks plopped down in the middle of the concrete skyscrapers.
Our first stop was to see Devin in Hudson Valley. We had such a fun time seeing where and what he has been doing the past 2 years....
I can't get enough of these buildings!!!!!
Love this boy!!!
One of the highlights of 2010 had to be the girls trip Mom, Becca, Jenna and I took to CA!! We had so much fun shopping and laughing and running around Knotts Berry Farm!! I can't wait for our next girl trip!!
Now on to 2011....I promise I will keep better tabs on this whole blog thing. Stay tuned!! :)