Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boston Bound.....

In April we went with Jason's family to Boston to watch Jason's Dad and Brother in Law Judd run the Boston Marathon. The men and women that run these marathons are incredible....or insane. (I haven't figured out which yet) In that heat and for that long there is no way I would ever survive. We saw runners dressed up in anything from a hamburger costume to men in full on army uniform with packs and all crossing the fnish line. It was such an amazing experience.

 Rick & Brigham at the finish line....
 I love the architecture of Boston. It is everything I love about NY but on every street.
 They have the most amazing buildings and cherry blossom trees on every corner. It was gorgeous!!!

 Jason and Mom Bryson.....

I know this pic is blurry but it is one of my favs...from left to right...(Mom, Dad, Leslie & Brooke)

It was a trip I will never forget and I am so grateful Jason's Dad, Rick let us come along!!!